information, education and support for a safe, positive and satisfactory childbirth experience

“Whatever you decide, I hope you look back a year from now and feel listened to, empowered, and satisfied with your choices. you are the Mama, you get to choose.”

Gail Tully

Are you considering or planning on giving birth in the Dominican Republic?


  • Would you like help to find the right care provider and/or hospital for your baby’s birth?

  • Do you feel you need help to understand and navigate in the Dominican medical and/or insurance system?

  • Are you concerned about the high c-section rates in the DR and would like to learn how to reduce the risks of having an unnecessary c-section?

  • Are you seeking childbirth classes in your own language?

  • Would you like professional emotional and physical support to be by your side at home and/or the hospital while in labor?

​​​I am at your service!


​​​My name is Leiko Hidaka. I am a birth doula since 2016, certified by DONA International, Childbirth Educator certified by the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor.

Besides my professional practice as a birth doula and childbirth educator, I devote time to research and diffusion of knowledge on mother-child care based on a family-centered model. Equally, I collaborate with different initiatives for education and support during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding in different communities. In 2017 I joined the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), where I participate as International Coordinator and lead the local ICAN Chapter of the Dominican Republic.

I am a firm believer, advocate, and promoter of equality among human beings and the right for all people to make the decisions they consider best for themselves, as long as these do not undermine other’s well-being. Based on this understanding, my work with mothers and families seeks to provide equal access to information, support, and knowledge of options that could help them regain the power to make informed evidence-based decisions for their well-being and their baby’s.

I consider childbirth to be a natural physiological process that, in most cases, can happen smoothly and that has an intrinsic potential to be a transcendental experience for all moms, where its value is not reduced to the way through which the baby was born, but in all its physical and emotional process which will have a determining impact in the lives of mothers/couples and the beginning of their parenthood.

My life philosophy is based on the principles of respect, honesty, sincerity and constant effort to be better each day. These principles extend to my professional practice, being fundamental for me that people who choose to work with me do so with full knowledge and awareness of the scope and limits of the work for which they may require me, and to trust that they will receive a professional treatment of excellence.